Celebrate with a Save Coin
What is a Save Coin? 
  • Our Save Coin is much like a challenge coin - Presented to individuals in recognition of their courage, responsiveness, teamwork and preparedness that resulted in a life SAVED!
  • Who is eligible to receive a Save Coin? - We honor everyone that played a role in your save. This includes the champion for your AED program, the purchaser, the individual(s) responsible for maintaining the AED(s) and of course the responder(s) who took action!
  • Benefit of celebrating your Save? - Celebrating your save honors those involved but it doesn't stop there. Sharing your story helps create awareness in your community that can result in more lives being saved!
  • Maximizing the long term affects of your save - Case studies, presentations and testimonials are a great way to spread your message and further SCA awareness in your community. If you're interested in this let us know and we can help!
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